My Research Interests

My Research Interests

I am an all-around transdisciplinary researcher skilled in qualitative, quantitative, mixed- and digital- research methods. I enjoy interdisciplinary research projects and my main areas of interest are in organisational culture, inclusive and sustainable business studies.

  • Sustainable Universities
  • Inclusive Research
  • EDI
  • Positive Academia
  • Sustainable Business and Leadership
  • Bibliometrics
  • REF

Current Project Interests & Collaborators

I am currently working on multiple collaborative research and writing projects for top business journals. The main focus of the projects is on various aspects associated with the sustainability of Higher Education Institutions. 

Current key collaborators are:

Professor Charles Chi Cui (University of Westminster)

Professor Anne-Wil Harzing (Middlesex University)

Past PhD Project


Ph.D. Media Practices (Middlesex University)

Title of the Project: Investigating UK Academics’ Professional Social Media Use

Awarded: 04.05.2023

Supervisory Team: Director of Studies – Dr. Maja Simunjak, Supervisor – Prof. Paul Cobley

Talks and Workshops About My Research

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