This is the Year of Positive Academia (initiated by Anne-Wil Harzing).
I am continuing to promote positivity #positivechange #positiveacademia#positivesharedworld #kindness #wellbeing #students #engagement #learning #teaching during the sessions with my third-year undergraduate students. We engage in short starter activities that aim to promote a positive attitude towards their learning, themselves, and others. The students’ engagement has been great, and the activities appear to motivate, inspire and encourage them towards the completion of their program. This week’s activity was on Care for Others. The poster shows some of our Middlesex University #middlesexuniversity students’ reflections about how they may Care for Others.

I had intriguing discussions with my students and deep debates about what Care for Others means in terms of personal and professional relations as well as when seeing and talking about sensitive topics on social media. To promote Care for Others even further, I teamed up students. In these teams, I empowered certain students to teach their friends and motivated them talk about their application of knowledge to complete the assessment. All students who were not sure at the start of the class about their assessment topic ended the session knowing what they are doing.