Welcome to the weekly PhD Wellness

These mini-posts are intended to provide useful tips and tricks to keep you happy and healthy during your PhD journey!  The challenge is to keep the 4 smiles up for the week and hopefully beyond! #positiveacademia

Boost your creativity!

Schedule in at least one walk per day to boost your creativity and memory performance. Walking or exercising outdoors will also positively contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing. See Walking Boosts Creativity

Control tenacity!

Being tenacious may be very positive for many. But taking a deep breath and developing awareness of your tenacity levels may positively impact on your efficiency. Too much tenacity may lead you down the wrong paths.

Know yourself!

Do you know your MBTI personality type? If not, then you may want to have a go and get to know yourself better. Knowing yourself may enlighten the ways you work and collaborate with others such as your supervisors. You may be interested to try: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

Read the right books!

Managing content during your PhD process is crucial and there are various platforms (like Mendeley, Zotero) to choose from. It is important that you are clear which literature is suitable for your thesis. Keeping a list in a journal or spreadsheet of interesting literature and research ideas may be helpful.