Welcome to the weekly PhD Wellness

These mini-posts are intended to provide useful tips and tricks to keep you happy and healthy during your PhD journey!  The challenge is to keep the 4 smiles up for the week and hopefully beyond! #positiveacademia

Change the perspective!

Whenever you face a challenge try to look at it from above and you might notice that the problem becomes smaller than it first appeared. Bear in mind, somebody else has faced the same issues before. One way or another, you will get it done.

Your happy place!

Develop your inner place full of positivity. Remember all the good things and imagine a beautiful place that you can carry along with you and access anytime. This enables peace, calm and happiness during stressful times.

Train hard!

Keep training and developing yourself on an ongoing basis. Don’t make others responsible for your skills or lack of skills. If you don’t have access to something, have the courage to ask, search and find.      

Be adaptable!

Conditions change, circumstances arise – Flex your will and allow yourself the adaption to new information. Reason to effectively choose the right actions.