Welcome to the weekly PhD Wellness

These mini-posts are intended to provide useful tips and tricks to keep you happy and healthy during your PhD journey!  The challenge is to keep the 4 smiles up for the week and hopefully beyond! #positiveacademia #positivesharedworld

Find the most useful point of view!

Develop the ability to look at anything that happens as part of your learning process. Any setback can lead to greater understanding of processes to come and provide opportunity to develop something new rather than to cancel or quit.

Work in the present!

Be patient and avoid living and anticipating impatiently what the future might bring. Be yourself and enjoy all small accomplishments during your research processes. If you had problems in the past let them not distress your present but take them as learning opportunities that bring you further.

Make use of humour!

No matter how difficult or complex the situation is, aim to see whatever happens with a sense of humour. Stand in the sun and try to see the light whenever it gets dark.

Remove negativities!

Whatever situation you may face, try to remove negativities and you may well find there is still a lot of positivity. Use that positivity to turn the situation around and develop something great out of it.