Welcome to the weekly PhD Wellness

These mini-posts are intended to provide useful tips and tricks to keep you happy and healthy during your PhD journey!  The challenge is to keep the 4 smiles up for the week and hopefully beyond! #positiveacademia #positivesharedworld

Know your boundaries!

Develop awareness of your strength and weaknesses through reflective practices like journaling. Avoid over- or under-estimating your capabilities. Aim to judge yourself as accurately and honestly as possible to work at and develop your full potential. 

Be authentic!

Avoid forgetting your true being due to the standards and norms that may be projected by your social, economic, and political environment. Your authentic identity in the context of your relations in physical and digital spaces may enable you to develop integrity, trustworthiness, and reliable relationships with others. Also see: Social media – caring in a shared-world (2): Authentic Identity

Find the right scene!

Evaluate and reflect on your relationships with colleagues, collaborators and peers and aim to surround yourself with positive people that motivate you to go ahead and do not hold you back. Avoid negativity and if you encounter negativity learn to block it out.

Embrace changes!

PhD is a changing long-term process. Everything you do from the start may change later and it rarely stays the same until you have submitted the final product. Dealing with change can be stressful if you have a clear set idea in your mind. Therefore, it is wise to be ready and embrace changes from the start of your research journey.