A Talk about the Holistic Integration of Well-Being Activities in my Teaching.

In this talk I provided insights in my current well-being project as part of my teaching and learning. I presented the Well-Being Activities Guide that I developed and is shared among colleagues at Middlesex University

The focus of the guide:

I present various well-being activities that I integrated into my teaching of undergraduate students. I aim to develop an awareness of societal issues as well as emphasising the need to take care of students’ physical and mental well-being. I adapted the following well-being topic areas from Gerdin et al.,’s (2021) pedagogies of social justice (e.g., care for all students, inclusion, reciprocal respect, social cohesion, social justice, understanding, building relationships, and culturally relevant). Following Gerdin et al., 2021, pedagogies of social justice comprise the awareness and questioning of societal structures of oppression and power and the injustices and social inequities in the classroom environment. Therefore, the well-being activities address both the societal structures and the practices in the classroom environment. This enables the holistic support and development of students’ well-being.