My Research Interests

Positive Academia Activities 2022

I have been working on contributing to Positive Academia, which was founded by Anne-Wil Harzing, since 2022 because it is my passion to care for and contribute to positively sustaining the organisational culture of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In my endeavour to fulfil this aim, academics’ and students’ well-being are at the forefront of my research and teaching. Over the last year, I have contributed to various aspects of students’ and academics’ well-being through blog posts, micro-projects, PhD projects and a current large-scale project on organisational culture in HEIs. Moreover, as a neurodiverse academic the next step in the current and coming academic year is to focus on positively contributing to strategic development and sustainable incorporation of neurodiversity in HEIs.

Undergraduate Student Well-Being Project

Postgraduate Student Well-Being

Academics’ Well-Being