Online Safety and Planning Checklist

The following checklist provides you with some considerations about general planning, online safety, and well-being questions that apply across platforms.


  • I have clearly set goals and objectives that allow me to use the chosen platform efficiently.
  • I know how much time per day/week I am going to spend on social media tasks and student engagement.
  • I am providing alternative platforms and inclusive learning styles for students who do not want or can use social media.
  • I have assessed my own and my students’ abilities to use the platforms and provide training to those who need it.
  • I know where and how to acquire knowledge to develop the skills that enable me to use the specific platform.
  • I know which platforms are best suitable for my discipline and am aware of the specific teaching features.

Online Safety and Wellbeing

  • I protect students’ online presence through the provision of ethics guidance and create awareness of the code of conduct when using social media.
  • I create awareness of online safety and teach students about the potential risks such as online harassment, cyberbullying, or trolling.
  • I am aware of my institution’s social media policy and follow applicable guidelines.
  • I am aware that not all platforms are permitted in all countries and make sure to work inclusively when providing alternative options where needed.
  • I know the impact of sensitive topics, posts, and discussions, and I know how to manage potential interruptive situations.
  • I know how to manage the privacy settings of the platforms and am conscious and specific about how public students work and what tasks will be.
  • I make sure not to force students to use social media if they are uncomfortable.
  • I know how and when to set my boundaries between my personal and professional social media use and my interaction with students.
  • I teach students ways to manage their personal and professional boundaries when using social media.
  • I am aware of the location services setting when using social media and make sure it is switched off for myself and the students.
  • I create awareness of the impact social media content can have on mental well-being and avoid students being affected by potential negativities on social media during class time.